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Promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and History.

Arrives: March 1, 2023
Creator: National American Advertising Federation
TVG | Factual | TV Series | 2022

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Clearer Focus

The American Advertising Federation’s Mosaic Award honors companies, campaigns and/or individuals embodying the Mosaic Principles—an action-oriented roadmap to create a more inclusive industry. Mosaic Award recipients project a clear commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion…in the spotlight and behind the scenes.

Criteria: Winner should demonstrate a genuine understanding and sensitivity of targeted multicultural audiences. Season after season, advertising talks about their DEI commitments. But are they walking that talk?

Creative content must distinguish itself by amplifying underrepresented communities with depth and authenticity. A company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are measured by cultural impact and sustainability. All winning entries must have a unique vision that gives viewers a broader understanding of the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Disability communities; and that promotes systemic change through equity and inclusion.

Selection: Similar to the Best of Categories, there is no way for entries to be nominated or designated in advance for the Mosaic Award. The winner will be selected by our judges as they proceed with their normal judging. If you’re interested in this award, all you need to do is submit your work in its logical categories. The judges will decide if an entry is worthy of this special award. It is not mandatory for this award to be given each year but if a winner is chosen, the award will be presented at that year’s American Advertising Awards.

Season 1-2023

Fannie Mae “Your Own Story” Campaign
Truth Collective

Season 1-2023

The Trevor Project, Death Sentence
Nico Aramboles and Jack Lyons